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General (Delivery) Conditions


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Hereinafter referred to as the "Restaurant".
We offer a service to pass on your orders as mentioned on our website.

1. Agreement

1.1. By placing an order on the website you accept the offer of the restaurant that delivers in your postcode area and enter into an agreement with this restaurant. This restaurant will deliver your order to you. Any questions and/or remarks should therefore be addressed to the restaurant in question. The contact information of the Restaurant can be found in the confirmation email that you will receive after placing your order.

1.2. Within the framework of this agreement, personal data are processed by the Restaurant. This is always done in accordance with applicable law. For more information about how we handle your personal data you can consult the privacy policy.

1.3. The restaurant and its franchisees will in any case never sell your personal data to third parties without your permission.

2. Delivery

For delivery of an order is a minimum amount per shop indicated. The prices listed on the website include the cost of delivery.

2.2 Orders can be placed via the Internet up to 5 minutes before closing time of the relevant shop. The opening hours are listed on the website.

2.3 Although we strive to deliver your order within 45 minutes to your desired address, there are always circumstances such as weather and traffic that contribute to this indication can not meet.

2.4 If due to circumstances it is not possible to deliver, the entrepreneur will refund the amount the consumer has paid without delay.

2.5. The risk regarding the order goes to you after the order is delivered and paid.

2.6. The risk as to the order will pass to you after the order has been delivered and paid.

3. Payment

Prepayment is possible in the manner offered on the website. If the online payment method is not available or you prefer to pay your order on delivery, you can also pay the delivery driver, however, for safety reasons the driver will never have more than € 15,- change with him and you should therefore pay as much as possible in cash.

4. Intellectual property rights

All rights of intellectual property with regard to (the content of) the website and the products offered, including packaging / advertising material belong exclusively to the restaurant. Intellectual property rights include all patent rights, trademark rights, trade name rights, database rights, design rights, domain names and other intellectual property rights (including know-how and trade secrets) in the Netherlands or elsewhere, which are related to the (content of the) website and the products provided, including packaging / advertising materials in general. You are not permitted to change, copy, otherwise (re)use or remove the website and/or products, including packaging/advertising material, as well as any brand or identification marks, and/or any indications regarding copyrights, trade names or other intellectual property rights, nor to change or imitate the website or any parts thereof or in any other way cause damage to or take unfair advantage of the reputation of the intellectual property rights of its affiliated companies and/or its suppliers.

5. Liability

5.1 The total liability on account of an attributable failure in the performance of a contract or on any other grounds, is limited to compensation of direct damage up to the amount of the price stipulated in the contract.

5.2 The liability for indirect damage, consequential damage, loss of profit, missed savings is excluded.

6. Applicable law

This contract is governed by Dutch law and shall be brought before the competent court.

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